//  Origin:  London, England.
//  Genres:  Contemporary classical, Folk, Rock, Jazz etc.
//  Years Active:  1990- Present
//  Label:  Wampus Records, Supernature Music.
//  Website:  http://wampus.com/
Short Bio

I am a composer and musician across a wide range of genres and that is reflected in my varied catalogue. I am currently primarily active in classical composition but I'm still working as a session musician, teacher, producer and performer with tvfordogs and Rabbit In The Blood.


It's been a time of primarily academic endeavour over the last year or so but I am now free to get back whole-heartedly to writing. Classically, I have a guitar concerto, some solo pieces and another sonata in the pipeline and I think that I will finally take the plunge and attempt a symphony (gasp). I have also been writing a whole bunch of new songs for tvfordogs' new album which nears completion.

I have just put up on this site a recording of my first Cello Sonata played by the wonderful Gina Harris. If you would prefer you can listen to it on Spotify or iTunes music etc...I'll add links to those later.

Anyway...love and light to you all. TTFN Neil.

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