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//  Origin:  London, England.
//  Genres:  Contemporary classical, Folk, Rock, Jazz etc.
//  Years Active:  1990- Present
//  Label:  Wampus Records, Supernature Music.
//  Website:
Short Bio

I am a composer and musician across a wide range of genres and that is reflected in my varied catalogue. I am currently primarily active in classical composition but I'm still working as a session musician, teacher, producer and performer with tvfordogs and Rabbit In The Blood.


It's been a time of primarily academic endeavour over the last year or so but I am now free to get back whole-heartedly to writing. Classically, I have a guitar concerto, some solo pieces and another sonata in the pipeline and I think that I will finally take the plunge and attempt a symphony (gasp). I have also been writing a whole bunch of new songs for tvfordogs' new album which nears completion.

Here is a link to a recent composition for Clarinet and Piano; 'A Short Journey' performed by the wonderful Loren Hignell and myself. I hope that you like it. spotify:album:6yRebmtCXUeWHTxT46zjjR and light to you all. TTFN Neil.

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