"a truly talented player" 

Guitarist Magazine 


"Neil Luckett’s music deserves as wide an audience as possible."

Malcolm Ball Avant magazine

I am a composer with a Fellowship from the London College of Music and MMus (dist), singer, guitarist with an L.G.S.M. in classical guitar, arranger and producer and I am currently researching a PhD at UWL.

There are a number of albums of my own material, details of which can be seen on the merchandise page.

Some of the artists and companies that I have worked with or for include:

tvfordogs, Phil Dodd, the ROH soloists and Sting, Vanessa Mae, So Solid, Lisa Scott Lee, Idiotboy, Yve Mendes, Laurie Latham, Kealer, Mavericks Film, Aerostorm, Tom Allalone, Haygarth, BBC, First Search, Butterfly Stitch, Dave Cumming (Akilo), Red Drapes, Mr President etc 

My music is performed by a growing number of classical musicians and has been played on TV, radio and used in a number of short films. My orchestral pieces have been performed by the DSO and LCCO and the string quartets by the Aditi Quartet and the Elysian quartet.
I perform, both in Britain and abroad, with alternative rock band, tvfordogs and acoustic band Rabbit in the Blood.